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19th-Feb-2014 03:05 am - places of employment
You are more than welcome to bring your character in working at a place of your choice, but if you're stumped for ideas then take a look at the list of places of employment that already exist in the game and see if your character can fit in anywhere!

Bikini Saloon (owner position already filled, but everything else is fair game)

Sealife Center
15th-Feb-2014 03:44 am - dropbox
please leave any messages for the moderators here including questions, complaints, requests and everything else along those lines. all comments are screened.
14th-Feb-2014 01:00 am - application
before you apply please make sure you read the rules here and check your desired character is available here.

full name: self explanatory
pb: if applicable
age/birthdate: self explanatory
occupation: what does your character do? where do they work?
livejournal: unlinked please!
aim sn: remember, no flowerpower666
bio: provide a link to an entry with either a biography of your character or a list of at least 10 facts - it's so we can see how great of a writer you are, so showcase all your talent!
do you play anyone else in the community?: there's a 2 character cap for now
link to picture: 100px by 100px, high-quality please!

friend the mod journal here; then request membership in the main community here and the ooc community here before posting your application in a comment on this entry!

14th-Feb-2014 12:52 am - rules

  • there is a zero tolerance policy for ic/ooc line crossing. DON'T use ic beef to create ooc drama.

  • godmodding is also frowned upon - it just makes you look like an asshole.

  • to avoid confusion please make your characters' lj and aim sns relevant. flowerpower666 should not be harry styles' screen name, etc.

  • for now there is a two character limit per person. if you're going to bring in a second character please make sure you can handle it!

  • this is a city community so most of everything is fair game. you character can have any profession and live any kind of lifestyle (within reason), but we do ask that your character is 17+ for to preserve chillness.

  • no supernatural lines.

  • rp guidelines: third person, storybook style. aim, threads, customs... whatever you want!

  • pregnancy lines are not permitted at the moment but may be brought in at a later time. no mpreg ever. sorry.

  • be realistic. if your character works in mcdonald's they shouldn't have a jaguar and live in a plush apartment.

  • pbs and ocs; het, slash and femme are allowed in this community. heck, we'll even host your darker lines - just, not too dark... spread the love!

  • journal updates are every three weeks. don't hoard/be lazy.

  • while we all love a bit of ic drama, we do ask that any serious lines involving themes such as rape, addiction, serious illnesses, suicide attempts, etc. should be discussed with all characters involved and mentioned to a mod. if you're not sure if a line idea you want falls under this category, check with us.

  • most important rule of all: enjoy!

14th-Feb-2014 12:40 am - taken/held


  • Jamie Lianna Hudson (PB: Kendall Jenner)


  • Logan Hensley (PB: Justin Bieber)

  • Zayn Malik

  • Alex Gaskarth


(✓ indicates pending)

Holds last for 3 days. Extensions, when requested, last for 2 days.
14th-Feb-2014 12:23 am - premise
phoenix, arizona is the most populous capital city in the entirety of the united states. with bars, restaurants, schools, businesses; small and large, hotels and more, the opportunities are endless for both native phoenicians and those who emigrate. don't forget to pack your sunscreen - it's always summer in the copper state!
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